Reveal Boudoir is owned by Marlene, a Red Deer Boudoir Photographer. The name "Reveal" is about the artistic side of women's photography. It's all about the shape of the female body, how you light and pose a woman can greatly impact the way she sees herself. Many women think they are not at all photogenic, when in reality, all it takes is someone with skill, to capture her best qualities and leave the others to the shadows. Reveal is also about how a woman feels when they finally get comfortable in front of the camera, and let their guard down. This is when the ART happens. Beautiful ART. Sensual ART. Timeless ART.

Marlene has been offering boudoir, or intimate women's portraiture, since 2008. She has a keen eye for details and provides her clients with a beautifully empowering experience & upscale artistic portraits in her very private, loft style natural light studio. She is also a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, and has earned her Boudoir Accreditation. So you can be sure you are getting professional results, in a professional setting.

These next few paragraphs were written by Tammy Cobb, and are shared with permission ~

"Boudoir photography is being taken to a new level with creative lighting and posing by some of today’s most talented photographers. The day of the cheesy “put a woman in some lingerie and have her do a silly pose” are gone. Photographers are bringing back the art of boudoir with fine art boudoir photography. It is not about sexy as much as it is sensual art. It is tasteful and beautiful. It is for all women. All ages and sizes. And women all over are wanting it! Who can blame them? Women have been the object of art for centuries. We all want to be art. Beautiful art. Sensual art. As women, we naturally are plagued with insecurities and think to ourselves that we will wait until we lose that last 15 pounds before we have portraits made. We put it off for the very reason that we need it. It will help us to see ourselves as beauty and art. If a woman is plagued by insecurities, she especially needs to do this for herself. Besides, 15 years from now, we may think we looked mighty fine. If in 15 years you look even better, have more boudoir portraits made!

Portraits are timeless. We spend so much money on clothing, cosmetics and anything else we can find to make ourselves look and feel beautiful. Most of which we are not still using or even have in 5 years. While boudoir art by professional photographers may be more expensive than doing it yourself or having a friend do it or even a beginning photographer, it is so worth the money and will be timeless. Timeless. How many things do we buy to make ourselves look and feel beautiful that we can say that about? You will always be able to look at this beautiful work of art and say, “That is me. I am beautiful. I am a timeless work of art.” (and then you may find yourself saying, "I am so glad I invested my money in this Lacombe boudoir photographer)  :)

For a successful boudoir session, communication with the photographer is key. Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. It is especially important to feel comfortable with your photographer for boudoir portraits. They can be so much fun with the right photographer. View their work and see if you like their style. While many talented photographers are using creative lighting and posing, it does not mean everyone is. Let the photographer know what you want and see if it is something they do. Ask about props if you are interested in props. Props such as pearls, wine in a glass, hats, and other tasteful accessories make great props for artistic boudoir. Think about what you want to do with your portraits.

Common boudoir purchases are a hardback art book of your portraits, prints for the boudoir, and calendars. Think about this when you are setting up your boudoir session and talk with your photographer. Some of your portraits you may want to be less revealing or even use creative crops, not identifying who you are, or use creative crops just for the artistic factor. Creative crops can make an ordinary image a WOW image. This is another reason to hire a professional photographer who has an eye for artistic angles and crops. Many photographers have the ability to do this after the shoot, but it is important to discuss with the photographer before the session about what you want. Also, if you have areas that make you feel self conscious, discuss this with the photographer. A professional photographer may be able to make clothing suggestions before the session, plus will be able to keep this in mind while posing you. You may see it as a flaw, but your photographer may be thinking you look great and not even notice it unless you point it out to them. Fine art boudoir photography will help you see yourself as the goddess you are. It can even help give a woman some of the confidence that she has been missing in her life. Be bold. Be brave. Be a timeless work of art."