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I am so glad you are here, and I would love for you to stay awhile. Also I think I need to share, this IS a new blog, so it's kind of bare at the moment. Not to fear though, we'll get it rockin' soon! :) 

I am located in Lacombe, Alberta, (just 20 minutes north of Red Deer, 60 minutes south of Edmonton, and 90 minutes north of Calgary) in a private loft style natural light studio. I have been offering intimate women's portraiture since 2007, and as a Professional Photographers of Canada member, I received my Accreditation in Boudoir in 2010.

I've been photographing boudoir for 10 years now, and have my Boudoir Photography accreditation from the Professional Photographers of Canada.

I service the entire central Alberta region, and not only do I shoot in my studio, but I also go on location, and outdoor boudoir. Boudoir parties are also something I'd like to do more of, so if you're in charge of a bachelorette party and thinking you want to do a boudoir party, look no further.

I am happy to share the work that makes my heart sing. I love photographing women, it's been a journey I've "happened into" many years ago. You will find my style is classy, sensual & beautiful. I love the little details, and I will put my camera down until they are just perfect. I want your experience with me to be empowering, liberating, and beautiful. Unforgettable actually.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
By Marlene Palamarek
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So awhile back, June 1st to be exact, it was my studio's first birthday! My goal to be a Red Deer Boudoir Photographer offering beautiful natural light sessions in a perfectly private loft style studio was reached, and I was celebrating big time. So, in addition to it being my birthday, :) I wanted to also gift something to someone special. I had posted a contest on my red deer boudoir photographer fb page, and the messages came rolling in, with the winner to be announced on my birthday.

Crystal's message was one of many that stood out to me the most, and she just sounded like she'd be a lot of fun to work with. We were finally able to get our schedules synced and get her booked in and confirmed, such is life with a hard working woman like Crystal. The day finally arrived and Jenny Debolt from JD Makeup Artistry came in to treat her to hair and makeup before her session, which is a treat in itself, she's THAT good!! This lady was a dream to work on, she had just gotten some awesome colors added to her hair, her skin was flawless, she had some amazing outfits and quite honestly, she was glowing. But the thing I noticed the most?  Her confidence level. Crystal had reached a point in her life where she finally accepts everything about herself. This is huge ladies. I'm not sure, but I think, and I'm only guessing here, that it comes somewhere in your 40's. Because I decided awhile ago that this is me, and I'm not going to sit and pick at everything about my body that I don't like or am unhappy with. Life is much too short for that. What a time waster. Let's instead tell ourselves how awesome we are, how great we look, and then lets see our confidence level rise!!  Confidence has got to be the sexiest thing a girl can have. Now, instead of going on about the rest of her session and how much fun we had, I'm going to share Crystal's take on it instead.  

 Crystals review:  Had the best boudoir session today with Marlene and Jenny was amazing at my hair and makeup. I walked in with no plans and just watched an amazing artist and photographer at work. Such amazing set choices....suggestions or poses....she chose great pieces from my assortment of lingerie....and we had a blast. From serious poses...to bad ass poses...sexy to edgy...belly laughing and of course the 80's wind...that made the shoot awesome! Thank you for such a generous gift! Every woman should have a day to feel sexy!!!
I'll definitely be doing another session with Reveal Boudoir

So there you have it. Crystal decided to follow this Red Deer Boudoir Photographer on facebook and look where it got her!! :)  For now, just sharing two of my favorite shots from her session, a little different than what I normally do, which was another bonus of shooting with Crystal, she said "do something different!" . . . so we did :) 


Until next time ladies ~


xoxo ~ marlene