Bridal Boudoir

Bridal boudoir is one of those "must haves" during your boudoir session if you're soon to be married. Some women opt to book only bridal boudoir and nothing else, and that's totally fine. So what does a woman bring to her bridal boudoir session? There's something called your "trousseau" which means the clothes, household linen, and other belongings collected by a bride for her marriage.Origin mid 19th century: from French, diminutive of trousse ‘bundle’ (a sense also found in Middle English).

And honestly? These make beautiful boudoir props. It's the thing to do nowadays, for the bride to purchase herself a satin or lace robe for wearing on her wedding day morning, as she's getting her hair and makeup done.  Definitely, bring that. The garter that your groom will possibly throw during your reception is part of your trousseau. Are you wearing a wedding veil? This is also a perfect accessory for a boudoir shoot. We'll place it so that your groom to be will get a sneak peek into what you’ll look like getting ready on your wedding day. The bonus is, you get another day to wear it!
A white corset, thigh high stockings, the garter I mentioned earlier with the wedding veil, and heels. At our Lacombe boudoir studio we like to sometimes use the white backdrop and do a full catalogue type session, and it seriously makes you feel like a model! Perhaps you're wearing a flower wreath around your head? You could ask your florist to make a mock up of the wedding day version for use during your boudoir session. We love to supply the other vendors with photos of their beautiful work. Whatever you decide to bring for this portion of your session, just know that it's going to be photographed beautifully, and will make you feel like a princess. These are beautiful pieces that don't get to be shown off during the wedding day, so get ready to see the smile on your grooms face when he sees these images!!
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