The Sheet Sessions

 a word from Lindsey - "Working with Marlene was a dream. From the first interaction, to receiving my amazing prints, she was nothing short of amazing. She is a true professional in every sense. She provides a comfortable, safe environment and is incredibly supportive and encouraging. I felt very at ease, and appreciated the guidance and direction she provided, but never felt unnatural or unsure of myself. I would recommend Marlene to anyone looking for an incredible photo experience."


I loved the idea of adding a simple, no fuss type of session to my Lacombe boudoir photography studio. One that a woman could actually book on her lunch hour if she wanted to! Imagine heading out the door at the office and slipping up to the Reveal Boudoir studio for a quick feel good session. If you need a refresher of confidence, or you just had your hair done at the salon and wanted to capture that the day of. It's short, sweet, and still full of that pampered feeling. You still get the complimentary consultation, because without that, I wouldn't be able to work my magic to it's fullest, right? It still requires a bit of planning. But the great thing about these sessions is the absence of the extra spend on outfits. Also if you're not into that sort of thing, and many of us aren't, it just feels good to be YOU, without that stuff. Be free!! :)

Still pay attention to the souls of your feet, your fingertips, your skin, we are heading into winter soon and we all need a bit more hydration, I know I can certainly attest to that!

Also try to avoid any spray tanning before your session. It's meant to show your natural beauty.

These are a must do if you want a soft, beautiful, totally you session without all the fuss of additional outfits. How about NO outfits? Sound good? Hit the contact page to book yours!!