Questionnaire for Boudoir Photography


A few notes about privacy of your images. You are required to sign a model release, which also doubles as a copyright release. What you choose below only tells me how much privacy you require with your images. 

If you are keeping this session a secret for a special event, but don't mind me sharing them on my social platforms, please use the notes section to tell me the "safe date" I can use them after. 

If, however, you only want unidentifying images used, ie: head cut off, any tattoos removed, etc, please choose appropriate answer. You would be surprised how well a good a body shot can be used so as not to show identity! 

If you wish to have complete anonymity and none of your images be shared, you have my word. Once your session is over and you have ordered your images, your folder is then deleted off my hard drive. 

Thank you for submitting your questionnaire!

I can't wait to photograph you!!! 

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